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RMSO Bigfoot Podcast with Anthony Moffett

Roundtable Drive Servicing Game cameras Monte Cristo Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spot


Autumn on Game Cameras in Sasquatch Canyon


Night Investigation North California Bigfoot Expedition


Red Cloud Bigfoot Expedition


Kennedy Lake Bigfoot on Vancouver Island BC


Bigfoot Paces Four Wheeler on Ant Flat Road


Montana Woman Spots Bigfoot in Evaro


Four Year Study of Log Structures at Bigfoot Sighting Hot Spots


North West Montana Bigfoot Expedition


Highlight from RMSO Follow up of Les Stroud Bigfoot Expedition


Two Women Spot Bigfoot at a Bridge near Happy Camp


Night Investigation Wellsville Bigfoot Sighting Location


Bigfoot Chases 5 People in SUV then is Spotted by Elk Hunter 3 days later


Relocate Gamecams Closer to Recent Bigfoot Sighting Sasquatch Canyon


Bigfoot Spotted near North California Fire


3 Bigfoot Sightings by 5 Men in 24 hours Deadwood


Challenge of Spotting & Filming Bigfoot


RMSO Night Investigation Sasquatch Canyon


Sasquatch Canyon Bigfoot Expedition with Conner Shaw


East Gate Yellowstone Bigfoot Sighting on Mountain Snow Pack


Drive to Bigfoot Sighting Location Cascade to Deadwood


Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Sighting Report on Location


Tabiona Swells Bigfoot Sighting


Loggers Bigfoot Sighting in Deadwood


Deadly Bauman Bigfoot Encounter Round Table


Expedition to Bauman's Deadly Bigfoot Encounter Location


Gamecam Footage Deadwood Bigfoot Expedition


Lake Shasta Caverns Bigfoot Sighting


Dirt Road Drive to South Deadwood Bigfoot Expedition


Has Bluff Creek been compromised for credible Bigfoot research?


Drone View Bigfoot Investigation Deadwood


Larry's Bigfoot Sighting at Sixbit Springs


Sixbits Spring Bigfoot Expedition, Brody & Kelly explore an area where wood knocks are often heard near a four time Bigfoot sighting hotspot.


A Viewers break down in a section of our Eye Shine video


We put together a slide show of photos taken during our Bigfoot expedition to the famous Ghost Town of Deadwood. Three Bigfoot sightings in 24 hours at this Ghost Town.


Our full expedition to Deadwood. Game camera photos, Ghost Town buildings, three Bigfoot sighting reports, the surrounding area and more.


3rd Bigfoot sighting in 24 hours near a logging camp at the Ghost Town of Deadwood.


2nd of three Bigfoot sightings in 24 hours at Ghost Town of Deadwood.


1st of three Bigfoot sightings in 24 hours in the Ghost Town of Deadwood.


1st video in a series from RMSO. Investigating the location of 3 Bigfoot sightings by 5 witnesses in less than two days.


Bigfoot Expedition Highlights. 11 minute expedition highlight clip.


Bigfoot sighting report on location. Jack Creek Road. Hugo, Oregon.


Bigfoot expedition highlight clip of Bear Wallow.


Marc Crookes joins RMSO at night for a game camera exchange.


Bigfoot sighting in a region of California, RMSO considers a Bigfoot sighting hot spot with a very long history of Bigfoot sightings.


While casting the best Bigfoot foot print in a track way, a Bull Moose walks up on two RMSO team members in the research area.


Summary of a Rancher's recent possible Bigfoot experience's at his cabin in the mouth of the 35 mile canyon. The surrounding community has been calling the canyon "Sasquatch Canyon" since the 1970s.


We notice the smoke from a fire that burnt over 400 acres in the main canyon we call Sasquatch Canyon


Bigfoot sighting on an unmarked trail between Cody Wyoming and East Yellowstone National Park. #Bigfoot #Sasquatch


We found 14 inch foot prints and an 11 inch hand print in look out canyon. We now keep a game camera faced at this little slot canyon.


We tour the Bigfoot territorial structures searching for evidence as part of our GPS map over lay study.


Hair sent in for analysis, Bigfoot foot prints casted, vocalizations & structures found in one of our most fruitful Bigfoot research areas. Along with several sighting reports coming out of this area this is an explanation of what motivated to start researching this area.


We locate in a Bigfoot sighting hot spot some ancient Ute Native American cliff paintings of animals. One of the paintings is a humanoid with enormous feet. We suspect it may be a depiction of Bigfoot. This area is also famous for Native American lore about Skin Walkers.


Action Jackson's Bigfoot Sighting Fan Creek Yellowstone


Bigfoot sighting in a KOA.Crescent City California


Bigfoot sighting report near the actual sighting location on the Smith River in North California.


We take a look at the track way, the direction the creature went & cast the 15 inch long by 7 inch wide footprint.


8-2-14 Bigfoot expedition highlight clip of a track way of Bigfoot footprints that exceed 15 inches in length and over 7 inches wide at the toes.


Brody and Derek escort Derek's family to Bigfoot Highway and back. Great evidence found, some pretty cool experiences between pine cones thrown at them and potential gift from the big hairy ones.


Family Sees a Gray Bigfoot.Between Happy Camp & Yreka California


After another Bigfoot sighting report came to us from 1982. This area is now a four time Bigfoot sighting hot spot, with 3 sighting right at the spring. Here are videos we captured from game camera that was there for 12 days.


This Bigfoot sighting took place on the outskirts of Reno Nevada in a place called Lemon Valley.


We report Austin's Bigfoot sighting & show off some of the plentiful game in the area. This area is a three time Bigfoot sighting location.


19 inch footprints in the snow, 11 inch handprint near a bedding spot. We also casted a 14 inch footprint and found another one that had broken through some ice in the grass.


Two woman see a Bigfoot crossing the river near Cave Junction Oregon.


We have no clue what this large Orb is we captured on Game Camera in a Bigfoot sighting hot spot. We know it isn't a light because we can not see the vegetation through this Orb.


Super Moon July 12th 2014.


Bigfoot Sighting in Winnemucca. RMSO sighting report.


Bigfoot Screams in Car Window Redwoods CA Sighting Report.


We had a couple things happen to us while we were in Rough Hollow that we decided to document and share with you all.


Bigfoot Sighting French Gulch California Shasta Lake area


Two Bigfoot Sightings North California Beach in 2 years


Couple more prints documented that were found May 30th Expedition.


After finding 17 inch footprints in the snow & capturing on video a creature running up the Mountain to hide from Jenny & Kelly the work before. They bring Brody along to help look for tracks or foot prints on the Mountain side where the creature ran.


Unknown Scat found in the middle of Bigfoot highway.


Brody, Derek and family deep in Rough Hollow One of the 15 prints found on this expedition.


Turned out to be toe running shoes. Take a close look so you aren't fooled the next time you come across a very large shoe size person hiking with these.


Sighting report near the Salmon River North Fork Area. On location.


Cutis's interview along with evidence RMSO found at the Bigfoot sighting location on June 8th 2014!


After interviewing Curtis at his 6/8/14 Bigfoot sighting location we do a sighting report. Curtis's interview & the evidence we found will be uploaded in a few days.


Marc, who is on a Bigfoot tour of America this Summer. We take him into one of our local Bigfoot sighting hot spots for a look around while he is here in Utah.


If you listen closely you can hear the pine cone when it hits the ground. Sorry about the upright camera but I video taped it with my cell phone and honestly just wasn't thinking about turning in side ways, freaking Noob I know :-)


Kelly Shaw's Grandfather's Bigfoot encounter near a Volcano in Washington.


1st set of Bigfoot prints of the year 17 inch tracks, along with a creature running up the mountain & hiding from us.


Brody points out a 14" Sasquatch footprint. This is the first print of many found while escorting Derek's family to Bigfoot highway in Rough Hollow.


Derek takes his family back into Rough Hollow stopping at the eye shine location that was pointed out by Brody and explains the location as it happened in the original footage.


Kelly Shaw travels to the location between the Wisdom River & Salmon River where Bauman claims a Bigfoot killed his trapping partner. The area also had a history of reports about frontiersmen being harassed or even killed by a hairy wild man.


Derek and Shelly hike up to a massive structure we suspect was made by Bigfoot in this area with a long history of Bigfoot sightings.


RMSO keeps a close eye on a suspected Bigfoot territorial grove of Aspens. We found this grove in 2012 while researching two Class A Bigfoot sightings that both happened within a few hundred yards of this grove of snap offs.


Break down of 3 suspect Bigfoot videos. Hexadrone, eye shine then one running & hiding from us. Also show data that breaks the raccoon eye shine photo shop hoax.


Derek Breaks down a potential sighting of a Sasquatch that was captured by "Squawk" our Hexadrone while doing a 77' sighting location report.


We do the sighting report then fly Squawk over the sighting location for a look from the air


This incident of a Bigfoot sighting was reported by two Geologists traveling to Yellowstone they were only 20 to 30 miles from the East gate.


Derek noticed this structure several months ago when we were having lunch at the Bear Cafe' canyon. This is the 1st time we hiked up on top of the cliff that Derek located this structure on.


Derek talks about the activity him and his family have experienced in a Bigfoot hotspot that has a history of Bigfoot sightings. He also flies Squawk in the area to get videos from the air.


Last Bigfoot sighting here was Jan of 2011. History of Bigfoot sightings go back to the 1960s.


Amazing activity and findings on this expedition. A bipedal track way in the snow, eye shine & whelping vocalizations.


At a famous 77 Bigfoot sighting location we film what we suspect to be one of many Bigfoot territorial structures in this area.


We filmed 3 Grizzly bears while out following up on a Bigfoot sighting location on the North side of the Tetons.


Family of four have a Bigfoot sighting near old Ghost Town of Macon Gulch.


Viewers often wonder why the RMSO team is nervous doing night investigations in this area. Sit back and see why.


RMSOs' most epic Bigfoot expedition to date. 79 minutes packed full of Bigfoot physical evidence & discoveries. Grab some popcorn & enjoy.


Bigfoot made from recycled skis. Silver Summit Utah area.


Derek takes us on a night investigation into Bigfoot central. Mountain Lion and Bear attacks are common place in this area. Along with an extensive history of Bigfoot sightings.


Jenny discovers a rotted log propped up on a branch in the Elk bedding area just past the 19 inch Bigfoot track way we filmed in the snow.


Survivor man Bigfoot.Bigfoot Highway,Land of Giants,Shout out to Looking for Bigfoot.


20 miles from Skinwalker Ranch and Skinwalker Ridge. We are flushed out of Rough Hollow the night before by what sounds like 3 K9 type creatures. The next night we find large 3 toe wolf like footprints. The biggest wolves on Skinwalker Ranch have the 3 toe paws.They are called Skinwalkers.


We find a track way of 19 inch foot prints in the snow. We film and measure the best of the foot prints in the track way.


Left foot of a track way of 14 inch foot prints. Earlier we casted a right 14 inch foot print and filmed what we believe was this Bigfoot's giant hand print.


Photos of two suspect Bigfoot foot prints sent in by West Kentucky Girl. These foot prints look very legit to us at RMSO. So we are sharing them with the Bigfoot community.


Jenny and Kelly decide to retreat after hearing 3 creatures surround them making hushed whelps to each other and coordinating their moves.


A great way to make a kit to cast Bigfoot footprints, hand prints or any other animals foot prints you may want to cast.


We show Derek Wright the pine bough bedding spot we found on a cliff ledge up a very narrow canyon. Derek discovers the right hand of a Giant sized hand print. We believe it may be the Bigfoot that made this bedding spot.


Derek did one of two breakdowns of a suspect Bigfoot that ran and hid from Jenny & Kelly a month prior. 17 inch foot prints in the valley. We discover 17 inch foot prints on the hillside a week later.


We show a great way to make a casting kit and how to use it on the best 14 inch foot print in a track way of footprints we found at the mouth of Rough Hollow in Sasquatch Canyon.


14 inch footprint found and then casted in Sasquatch Canyon at the mouth of Rough Hollow.


Kelly goes to the location of the famous Mink Creek video sighting location and gives viewers a look at the surrounding area.


This was an epic day. Most physical evidence found in a single day by RMSO. This is just the end of the day. We will put out an Expedition Video of the entire day in a month or so after getting it produced.


Bigfooting with Brody Lewis AKA modern day Indiana Jones. Strung together two videos, one before we casted a 19 inch foot print and then the video after we casted it. We did find a cave on a future expedition.


A good friend of RMSO, Adam sent us this for help with our research. Thank you Adam. Derek will master piloting this shortly and we will get it out into the field.


Bigfoot Hotspot, activity, smell. The list goes on. Was it an owl craping its pants and making the rock clacking sounds that we captured eye shine from? Or was it a Bigfoot walking around. Checking us out. Simply because we only had IR light? Invisible to us and most animals. Mike and Kelly couldn't see a thing.


Two class A sightings in North and North Eastern Utah. Rocky Mountains.


Expert Fisherman confirms for us in just a couple of minutes, that Sasquatch Canyon has another suspected food source for Bigfoot with a long history of sightings in this area.


Viewers ask what kind of animals we capture on our game cams while out on Bigfoot Expeditions. We capture a Bobcat at night marking his territory.


Viewers always ask us what animals we capture on game cams when we are on Bigfoot Expeditions. Here is a very large Bobcat captured during the day.


New set of foot prints found at dusk in Rough Hollow 19 inch and 15 inch.


Kelly thought he may of been filming a Bigfoot peaking at the team from on the cliffs. Brody thinks its a stump illusion. We will follow up at this location and see if a "stump" is indeed there.


We discuss all of our expeditions into Rough Hollow leading up to Feb 2014.


This is a way to take the whole family Bigfooting so that everyone will have good time.


1st set of hand prints RMSO has found on an expedition because of the dimensions and they were found along a 14 inch Bigfoot foot print track way. We believe they are handprints in the soil from one of the elusive giants.


We discover a tree that has been stripped of some pine boughs and a trail of pine boughs that lead us to a suspect bedding location on a cliff ledge in a narrow side canyon.


Last video showed you how and where we found the foot prints, This video gives you a better look at it. The still photos were much better and will be on our website in the near future We can only video what we find and this is it.


A week later we investigate the area we accidently caught the suspect Bigfoot on video. In the general area on the mountain side we find foot prints well over 15 inches long and 7 inches wide with definitive toes. All the evidence is starting to add up to a Bigfoot at this location sometime last week.


We believe the Bigfoot eat what these are eating. Also prey upon them when the opportunity arises.


Kelly brings up a Bigfoot sighting report while out Bigfooting. Jenny, Brody and Kelly are looking for the exact location RMSO accidently captured a suspect Bigfoot on video the week before.


Some viewers have a hard time telling the difference between a Bigfoot track and a Bear track. This is one of the largest black bear foot prints we have ever seen. Even with a front and back foot print lined up perfectly it only equals 12 inches in length by 5 inches wide.. A recent video we uploaded was a Bigfoot track in the snow 17 inches long by 7 inches wide.


I personally wasn't all that happy with the break down. It was so much better while I was making it but My Lady was OK with it so here it is.


Within 100 yards of these footprints is where we accidently caught an upright creature that bolted for cover and squatted down.


Dozens of gigantic Bigfoot foot prints found in a place we nick-name, Land of Giants.


Gopro use is not for audio evidence, we strictly use it to try and capture video evidence. This is a part of our expedition from a head mounted gopro view.


Bigfoot hot spot Rough Hollow gives a great opportunity to find foot prints in the snow.


We hear something walking on the rocks up on the cliffs and it was moving in our direction.


Brody does an excellent photo break down of the February suspect Bigfoot and we release the 1st look at the 17 inch bigfoot prints in the snow. We will release the video of the track way later in the week and Derek Wright will be releasing a video break down soon.


Here is where we transition from Sasquatch Canyon into Rough Hollow. A great Bigfoot hotspot.


Baggypantstoo informed us of a possible Bigfoot from frame 4:38 to frame 4:44. On the original we see what looks like a Bigfoot shaped dark brown creature sitting or crouching, Stands strait up and then steps into cover. We are having Derek do a break down on the original to see if we can verify what is going on in this video.Turned into a very eventful day of Bigfoot activity.


Here is what we suspect is on Bigfoot menu. We came across this food source just a few hours from finding a track way of 17 inch foot prints in the snow.


We trashed this Round Table clip simply because it was about Hank and Rick Dyer. We do not want to promote a serial hoaxer. Because the rumor is, they are bringing Hank to Utah. We wanted to warn folks about the years of serial hoaxing.


We discover a new side Canyon to Rough hollow when Jenny decides to back track 19 and 14 inch foot prints that lead us to a newly discovered side Canyon that we name Land of Giants.


Husband a wife that moved away because of the sightings. Not only did it lurk around their property, it would also peak into the windows of their home.


California boasts the 2nd most reported sightings of Bigfoot in the United States.RMSO travels to North California twice a year in hopes of capturing a sighting of this elusive Giant. Subscribe on YouTube at RMSO Bigfoot.


We decided to put out there our Glacier Montana Bigfooting Expedition. Although we did not consider this a successful expedition at the time. It has keyed us in on areas of interest. The high amount of sightings in and around this area of Bigfoot. Compels us to return.


Winter expedition into the famous Sasquatch Canyon of Utah.


Two children and a mother see a Bigfoot out side of their home twice in 6 months. For more sighting report updates please subscribe on YouTube


1st set if 19 inch foot prints found in Rough Hollow on Bigfoot Highway. We were able to cast one of the seven 19 inch foot prints we found this day.9-14-13. For more updates on Bigfoot expeditions, sightings and physical evidence subscribe on YouTube.


This is a Class A sighting by Derek Wright. Summer of 1981 around 1 in the morning.


RMSO 5th Round Table. We show and discuss the Tree House Bigfoot then talk about our 1st three Bigfoot Expeditions into Rough Hollow. Subscribe on YouTube for past/future Round Tables, Bigfoot Expeditions, sighting reports and evidence found.


Great sighting report by a man and his son while riding a 4 wheeler. This is near the famous Hardware Ranch, Utah where Finding Bigfoot got some of the best call backs they have ever had. Subscribe on YouTube for more expeditions, sighting reports and physical evidence.


A look at Bigfoot Highway of Rough Hollow in the Winter time.


September 6th and 7th. Pick up game cams in Sasquatch Canyon at night and relocate them in Rough Hollow the following day. We cast a 14 inch Bigfoot foot print and then do a video break down near the end of the video of what we suspected was a Bigfoot in the video.


Thought I would do a report about this Bigfoot sighing in Ogden Canyon Utah, since it is the 3 year anniversary of this sighting.


Suspect 17 inch Bigfoot foot prints found and filmed in Rough Hollow. Our 1st expedition into this side Canyon of Sasquatch Canyon.


We still can not explain this photo we took on the remote back side of Palisades where we found several suspect Bigfoot foot prints, heard whoops & other vocalizations happening around us. Jenny took a picture of the draw where we were hearing most of the vocalizations. This is what we found in the picture. We don't know what it is & will investigate the area again in 2014 to make sure it isn't some kind of an illusion of branches, stumps or undergrowth.


We always have a couple of cameras on us while Bigfooting. We get a lot of pictures of wild like on these expeditions. Here are some of our favorites from 2013 including some of our favorite places to stay, eat and camp on these expeditions.


Foot print casted. Large tufts of hair collected, then sent in for analysis on 9/4/13. Neither University has been able to identify the hair at this point in time. To see this hair under a microscope visit home page at We discuss this 2 day expedition during Round Table #4.


We go over two expeditions this week. Bear Wallow and Yellowstone Canyon which took place mid to end of Aug 2013.


The structure filmed appeared about a month earlier. We keep a close eye on this area because of the amount of footprints we have been finding here in 2013.


Two woman see a Bigfoot within only a couple of feet of the passenger side of their vehicle.


We film 3 Golden Eagles near Hardware Ranch while scouting out a Bigfoot sighting report.


Here are photos of 17 inch foot prints, 14 inch foot prints, structures and food sources. From this expedition.


The 1st vocalization near the beginning is crazy! Foot prints found and casted. Two massive structures found. Vocalizations plus animals caught on game cam, including a mountain lion.


14 inch foot print casted near a bedding location. We measure a 17 inch foot print headed toward a fresh water spring. www, . We will discuss this expedition on a Round Table next week.


17 inch Bigfoot footprints found on this expedition and two large territorial structures.

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